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We work directly with CEOs, board members, hedge funds, pension funds and other investors to solve their most critical and challenging problems.

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  • Avoidance Strategies: Facilitate Constructive Engagement
  • Proxy Campaign Management
  • Analyze Value Gaps & Vulnerabilities
  • Investor Profiling and Intelligence
  • Corporate Governance Enhancements
  • Investor Relations: Outreach & Targeting
  • Stakeholder Communications: Internal & External
  • Settlement Negotiations

Avoiding a Costly and Distracting Proxy Campaign

In our experience, the best approach both to serve shareholders and to position corporations for long-term strategic independence is to think and act proactively. Public companies apprehensive about the possibility of attracting disruptive shareholders should begin by diagnosing their vulnerability to an attack and plan the appropriate course ahead.

We analyze specific exposures and misalignments in a shareholder base and recommend detailed actions to take in order to maximize value with as little friction as possible from the other side.

For information about our 5-Phase Activist Shareholder Management Program ™ click here.

For a recent example of how we avoided a conflict at one company where activist investors owned more than 25% of the stock, click here.

Proxy Campaign

Proxy campaigns are costly and distracting and should be avoided if possible.

However, sometimes the disparity between the two parties cannot be overcome. When this happens, time is of the essence where early knowledge and timely moves will make all the difference.

A successful proxy campaign requires an intricate weave of investor outreach, public communications, legal maneuvering, investment banking and tough negotiating. Our experience and extensive network of business associates specializing in each aspect of these complexities enables our clients to make the tough choices that will have major consequences for the future.

We waste little time getting to work on what matters most. Drawing on our extensive expertise with shareholder activism as CEO, board members, senior managers, company and investment advisors, we examine the best options available and set a tempo to execute them quickly.

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Damien J. Park
Managing Partner

Tackling Complex Issues