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Since 2001 we have intensely monitored thousands of activist investments into companies throughout the world. Our research provides the best of quantitative and qualitative analysis to help people understand how activist investors operate while providing investors with timely information and detailed investment ideas.

Research Uncovers Fundamentally Solid Companies With A Value Investment Catalyst Driven By Activist Investors

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“Catalyst Investment Research not only finds where the hidden gems are buried but also brings along the excavation equipment to help dig up the value.”
- Ron Orol, MarketWatch
Author - Extreme Value Hedging: How Activist Hedge Funds are Taking on the World

Recent studies reveal significant increases in a company's share value shortly after an activist investor discloses an ownership position. Specifically, according to research conducted by professors at New York University’s Stern School of Business, hedge fund targets earn 10.2% average abnormal stock returns during the period surrounding an ownership disclosure with the SEC. Furthermore, the research finds that these abnormal returns do not dissipate in the one-year period following the ownership disclosure. Instead, hedge fund targets earn an additional 11.4% abnormal return during the subsequent year.

Since our research team analyzes EVERY active investment disclosure with the SEC, we find the best investment opportuntities with a near-term catalyst for value improvement. Catalyst Investment Research singles out companies with extraordinary value potential where activist investors have taken sizeable investment positions and are pressing management to unlock hidden pockets of value. Each research report examines the activist's investment thesis, their track record of success in previous interventions and the likelihood that the activist will be instrumental in boosting value in a short period of time.

In addition to this analysis, we examine the fundamental value inherent in the target's business and determine if the Company is truly trading at a discount to it's intrinsic value. The unique combination of these two views on value is what we believe creates a powerful catalyst investment opportunity and, ultimately, generates outsized investment returns. Lending credence to this is the performance of the companies we have previously covered. To date, companies we have issued research on have gained as much as 280% in value in less than 30 days!

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In-depth analysis of company-specific activist situations.  These reports single out companies with extraordinary value potential where activist investors have taken sizeable investment positions and are pressing management to unlock value.  Each report examines the activist’s investment thesis, the timeline for a catalyst event to potentially occur, the activist’s track record for success in previous interventions, and the likelihood that the activist will be instrumental in boosting value in a short period of time.

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We analyze the change in ownership of the top performing activist investors, examine the fundamental value characteristics of each company they’re invested with, and discuss what we believe to be the top ten companies with the most compelling investment opportunity.

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Previously featured in The Wall Street Journal, our special reports identify timely investment ideas involving activist investors.  Stocks highlighted in these reports have gained as much as 280% in value within 30 days.

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For the past nine years we have advised activist investors, traditionally passive institutional investors, pension funds, labor unions, CEO’s and Board members on many of the critical issues relating to shareholder activism and value enhancement.  As a result, our knowledge runs deep and our network is extensive.  Subscribers tap into this knowledge base through one-on-one meetings, conference calls, luncheon presentations, and annual conferences.

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"Damien and Jon deliver a very compelling research product. Nobody does a better job of analyzing solid companies with a very real and quantifiable catalyst for value improvement. I'm a subscriber and highly recommend it to others."
- Timothy Brog, Locksmith Capital Management 

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